Gjensidige Insurance

Birthual Reality

Together with our friends at Gjensidige Insurance, we set out to help expecting and nerve-racking parents prepare for childbirth by showing them exactly what to expect – in full 360-degree virtual reality.
Actual Reality
Pulling this project off is quite the story in itself, but the short version involves getting a specific group of people on board, including amazing midwives, executives of a forward-leaning hospital and perhaps most importantly – a brave couple who realised their courage could provide comfort for others. When we had that, the rest was basically just letting nature take its course.
Editorial Reality
Today, the 10-minute Birthual Reality film has some 250 000 organic views and the story has been featured in Swedish and international news outlets amounting to an estimated reach of 200 million media impressions. For Gjensidige, this surge in brand awareness resulted in a 25% increase in sales of child insurance, but the real impact lies in the fact that maternal clinics and hospitals across Sweden have adopted Birthual Reality in their educational material for parents-to-be. In our view, that’s pretty much as good as PR gets.
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