Norrlands Ljus

Chiara Organica

Spendrups runs Sweden’s most sustainable brewery. A few years back they started turning the leftovers from their beer brewing into biogas and made the entire process circular. But not that many people know or care about that, so instead of drafting yet another corporate report, we decided to tell the story by making a pizza.
A Slice of Beer
Working together with the best pizza place in Stockholm, we made an up-cycled pizza based on spent grains – the leftovers from when the brewery’s largest organic beer Norrlands Ljus is brewed. It basically means the pizza was made out of beer. Being truly delicious, we served it at award winning 800° during the summer and then brought the recipe and a pizza oven to music festival Way Out West as part of the food line-up.
A Beautiful Love Story
The pizza was aptly named Chiara Organica, which is sort of Italian and means Organic Light – an homage to the brew it was based on – Norrlands Ljus Ekologisk. Our beer pizza attracted worldwide media attention and has been greatly appreciated by hungry and weary attendees of Sweden’s major music festivals like Way Out West, Åre Sessions, Popaganda and Lollapalooza, proving that beer and pizza still is the perfect match.
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