Data Mining

Lasingoo is an online booking portal for car maintenance and repair work that is jointly owned by the major automobile workshop franchises in Sweden. It sounds more complicated than it actually is – it works pretty much like, with the obvious difference being you book service for your car rather than a stay at a 3 star resort in Mallorca. Anyways, back to Lasingoo and the work we do on their behalf.
Creative Data Mining
Working from a position of low awareness and a somewhat limited marketing budget we turned our attention to the center of Lasingoo’s business – the data contained within the system itself. We found that Lasingoo’s data had lots of interesting information that with a little bit of creativity quite easily could be turned into useful and relevant knowledge for car owners and journalists alike. Specific details about car brands, models, costs of service, reviews and stuff like that coupled with an instinct for PR makes for a content gold mine – and it doesn’t have to cost more than the hours spent on analysing and compiling the data.
Why Lasingoo Deserves A Pulitzer
Areas we’ve analysed and presented to the media include pretty low-hanging fruit like ranking Sweden’s best workshop based on client reviews – nationally as well as locally – and to which degree car owners actually compare costs and other customer’s reviews ahead of their visit to the workshop. Our most successful case was when we looked into the difference in future costs of service for the next six years for Sweden’s best selling cars – a cost often overlooked by car owners who usually spend their time thinking about loan rates and car insurance. As it turned out, the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest car brand were huge. Our data made the news in basically every Swedish news outlet imaginable, including TV4, DN, DI, SvD, GP. Thanks to the massive media coverage Lasingoo’s web traffic went through the roof and, in our not-so-humble opinion, there certainly is an argument to be made to the Pulitzer Prize Board for investigating and unearthing this story.
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