The Joy of Internet

Working with IP-Only, we discovered that many people living in Stockholm unknowingly have access to extremely fast internet through fiber already delivered by IP-Only. As it happens, IP-Only makes money when these households actually activate their internet subscription and not when the fiber is installed. The problem was that people didn’t even know what they were missing.
A Tribute to 90’s Marketing
Our job was to raise awareness and make people stop for a second and reflect on their internet connection. We launched a hyperlocal campaign, asking people if they had ever ”experienced the joy of the Internet” and, ”Do you have internet?” as a tribute to the advertising from the dawn of the internet’s early days. These ads, with their 90’s vibe, drove people to the campaign site SkaffaInternet.nu, which translates to GetInternet.now, where they could sign up for activations directly.
Real Internet Comes Through Fiber
Using data on exactly how many households were (and weren’t) connected and had activated their fiber, we created hyperlocal billboards and news paper ads with messages like ”More than 2400 household on Södermalm have already discovered the joys of the Internet. You should too!”. We also made radio spots and quirky social media ads in the same manner as billboards, trying to prove that internet via fiber is the ”real internet”.
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