Gjensidige Insurance

The Baby Simulator

Gjensidige Insurance is on a mission to help parents-to-be prepare for the struggles of their upcoming parenthood. Of course, nothing beats the real deal, but with Gjensie you get some training on the most critical parts ahead of the big day.
How It Works
Gjensie The Baby Simulator is an app that allows anyone to try all the burdens of a nurturing parent. Gjensie is just like a real baby who will eat, sleep, cry, and poop – and for 24 hours it’s your job to care for… It? Anyways. Babies usually show their dissatisfaction by crying or yelling and Gjensie works quite similarly: whenever there’s something wrong you’ll get a notification on your phone and then it’s up to you to determine if it’s the hungry cry, the tired cry, the fed up cry or if Gjensie simply needs some attention. It’s definitely a lot harder than it seems.
Gjensie In the Media
The story about Gjensie found its way through many of Sweden’s biggest news outlets and came out the other end with publications in Aftonbladet, Elle and Allt för Föräldrar to name a few, generating just shy of 20 million eyeballs through editorial coverage. Gjensidige also secured partnerships with professional handballer Bella Gulldén (who was eight months pregnant at the time) as well as the podcast Adam och Kompani hosted by Adam Alsing, Daniel Breitholtz and Vanessa Falk who helped spread the gospel of Gjensie.
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