Introducing our Newest Client

Our newest client Hypoteket is somewhat of a rebel in the world of housing mortgage loans. By gathering thousands of borrowers and offering loans with substantially lower interest rates and fixed prices, Hypoteket has definitely put some pressure on the traditional banks. This spring we’ve helped them launch a major ad campaign throughout digital channels, social media and tons of print media in some of Sweden’s largest newspapers.
Smart Loans
About two years ago, Hypoteket launched their first product – a simplified and pre-negotiated housing loan with an entirely digital customer experience. It seems people had been longing for a viable alternative to the same old banks that have been profiting on everyday people’s mortgages for decades. Hypoteket was basically an instant success. Our job is to make that success permanent by making sure everyone knows about their smart loans.
Housing Loans for People That Love Thrash Metal
The campaign was based on the simple idea that Hypoteket’s loans give customers more time and money to spend on stuff they actually enjoy, like gardening, listening to thrash metal or like, working on your classic car collection. We wanted to make mortgage loans a bit more relatable compared to the advanced interest rate calculations and tiresome fine print terms and conditions that usually surround housing loans.
Dotting the KPI’s
So far, the campaign seems to be working even better than anticipated. Early data from Schibsted suggests that the campaign has been very well received and scores really high on several crucial parameters such as awareness, engagement rate and action.
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