Magnusson Pet Food

100% Organic

Magnussons has made quality dog food at their family farm just outside of Stockholm for decades. As our beloved pets can have quite the impact on the environment, choosing their food carefully is one way to lower their carbon footprint. Wanting to make this easy for their customers Magnussons became the first manufacturer in Sweden to guarantee that their food is made with 100% Swedish, locally produced ingredients. At the same time, Magnussons also created a new, entirely organic product and hired us to launch the product and help get the word out.
Dog Food Activism
The launch was divided into different phases, starting with a traditional media outreach and product seeding to relevant opinion leaders and influencers. Together with CEO Jonas Magnusson, we also co-authored an op-ed leveraging the fact that Magnussons' history of sustainably produced and locally sourced ingredients gives them enough credibility to influence other manufacturers to strive for better quality products.
Dog Celebrities
Being the home to three dogs, Magnussons probably couldn’t have chosen a more dog-friendly agency partner than us. We had our very own, in-house dog models Puffen, Äpplet and Selma star in an explainer video we created and ran across all Magnusson’s social media.
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