The Naia Initiative

Nhu Duong

Swedish designer Nhu Duong launched a limited capsule collection in collaboration with The Naia Initiative. The background to the collection is Nhu’s ongoing collaboration with The Naia Initiative – which enables long term initiatives and projects for inspiring people and ideas.
Collaboration deluxe
Nhu Duong wanted to explore the possibilities to produce local and sustainable fashion in Sweden – which led to a collaborative project between Nhu, The Naia Initiative, Swedish concept store APLACE and Re:textile, a part of The Swedish School of Textiles.
Sourced from the source
A majority of the material in the collection was sourced from recycled workwear from Spendrups Brewery, instead of disposing them, the workwear was given a new purpose through Nhu Duong’s creativity and the experience of the textile school to create circular fashion within the industry.
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