Norrlands Ljus

Norrlands Ljus Ölkyl. Med Ljus i.

A Spark of Hope
Few things are as dark as the Swedish winter, as Swedes get between six and zero hours of sunshine per day. Norrlands Ljus wanted to change this. The Swedish brewery knows a thing or two about light (beer) and bright (moments), as sponsor of Swedens most memorable music festivals and night clubs. So they sent us on an impossible mission to capture the brightest Summer light, to be released upon the darkest winter night.
Lightning in a bottle
On the brightest day of 2020, during the Summer’s solstice, we went to the Valley of Light (Ljusdal) and at exactly 13:06:54, we caught the brightest light of the year. Six months later, on the darkest day of the year we released it upon the Scandinavian peninsula through a custom-made beer cooler equipped a light therapy lamp. The Norrlands Ljus Beer Cooler. With Light. And Beer. 50 % beer cooler, 50 % brightest day of the year.
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